good day. im a new player basically looking to join in some gaming with anyone interested and have some fun

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Hello @Mad_Commander and welcome to ADI! Feel free to reach out to me anytime you see me on if you feel like grouping up. Look forward to seeing you out there!

Welcome to the ORG,
hope you enjoy your time here.
make sure to eye on the forums,
and dont be shy to ask any questions you may have

Hello @Mad_Commander and welcome to the org, what are the areas of this game that interest you most?

Welcome MadCommander, good to have you with us. I do look forward to flying with you soon. See you in the verse!

Welcome Mad!! We’re all down for some fun! Great to have you in ADI

Yo Mad! I hope to see some crazy flying with a name like that :wink: Welcome to the org and have a good time both within ADI and SC.

Be well and fly safe!

Hi welcome @Mad_Commander to ADI
If you have any questions feel free to ask, and looking forward to play SC with you c u soon …

Welcome, Mad_Commander, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI @Mad_Commander. Get into Mumble when you can. See who is active and follow them on RSI. Groups are real easy to form and most will jump at the chance to team up or help out.
See you in the verse!!

Greetings Mad_Commander! Great to have you at ADI.
Looking forward to flying with you soon!

Welcome to ADI Mad_Commander. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you in game. What division are you interested in joining?

For having fun and making friends you’re in the right place dude!

Welcome to ADI MadCommander. If you’re new to the game the best way to get good at it is with some good company and we are not short of those guys/gals here :slight_smile:

Hope to talk to you on Mumble dude and if not hope to see you in the next Org Op


Welcome to ADI @Mad_Commander. Glad to have you with us and looking forward to seeing you in the verse

welcome to ADI glad to have you with us =D

Good to have you. I hope you have a great time with us :slight_smile:

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