Luxiee SC

Hello my name is callum, 22 years old and an avid gamer keen to explore the universe

Welcome to ADI Luxiee. I’m glad you’re joining the team. I look forward to running into you.

Welcome Luxiee!
I joined just a short while ago and have had a great time. Lots of great people in ADI.

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Greetings Luxiee,

Welcome to ADI! Glad to see an explorer up and coming in the verse. I will see you there.


Universe? No. But we do have a Solar System for you to get your hands on before they open up to another new system sometime next year! Welcome to ADI Luxiee and we always encourage new arrivals to ask around if they need back up. Discord, Mumble, or here on the forums works too!

Welcome to ADI! See you in mumble for some exploration

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