Lucrative Cargo Run from Arial-Lathan

Lathan seems to be bugged so you can buy a full cargo of laranite for a caterpillar. The capacity is a little bugged as well, your capacity is 56,000 (560 SCU). In a caterpillar you can buy a load for 1,400,000 aUEC and sell for 1,736,000 in Loreville at the Central Business District. So 336,000 aUEC profit per run.

Hi @Hanner,

This is one of the best trading runs I have come across so far.

The capacity does not seem to be bugged as the inventory is around 100 000units of laranite an change. At times I have been able to fill two caterpillars at roughly the same time. And at other times just 1.5 to 1 or as low as 0.5 Caterpillar depending on how many traders run this route and how recent.


Hurston > Arial > HDMS-Lathan


Hurston > Arial > HDMS-Bezdek

Have this high inventory of Laranite. In the case that you cannot get a full load of Laranite in one place then you can hop over to the other.

If both places cannot fill your Caterpillar, or whatever you are flying, then pick up Titanium. A full Caterpillar with titanium from either Bezdek or Lathan will still see you a 100 000 aUEC profit when sold at the Hurston > Lorville > Central Business District.

Hi @PheonixLucror,

You’ve had better luck than me. Generally I couldn’t even fill a Freelancer MAX with laranite. With a cat I would generally buy all the laranite I could and then fill with titanium. What is distinctive for me is that I can fill a cat (560 SCU) every time, a 1,400,000 purchase and a 1,736,000 sale. I hope it’s not a bug :slight_smile:

Sounds like there is a high trader population when you do your trading.

As for right now some trading backend services are turned off. Prices do not fluctuate at all. It used to do that 3 weeks ago. So we will see what 3.10 brings