I know this is probably a bit of a dumb question but what does LTI stand for? I am trying to update my ship inventory.
Thanks in advance


LTI = Life Time Insurance

Ships come with LTI when you buy them during Concept Sales mostly (the very first steps of a ship, when it’s only on paper). It is specified on your ship on the RSI webpage if it is LTI or not.
If you happen to have a ship with LTI, remember not to substract them from the “total”. Example:

If you have 3 Avengers and 1 of them is with LTI (so 3 ships total, 1 with LTI withint those 3), you should put 3 in the “Avenger” box, and 1 in the “Avenger with LTI” box.

If you don’t have LTI ships, just leave it blank. Same for other ships, no need to put 0, just leave blank.

Hope that helps you :slight_smile:

  • Sangoria

Cheers for that…should have realised that :laughing: thanks for the quick reply Sangoria.