LTI Package under 500$

You can currently purchase the UEE Exploration Pack - LTI whick includes the Squadron 42 and Star Citizen (sandbox) packages and 3 ships: Terrapin, Carrack and Dragonfly.

I am only writing this because it’s the first package under 1K package since the Redeemer package (November 2014).

The Mega Exploration Package (Carrack, Aquila, Terrapin, Dur, 315P and Dragonfly) is a $895 pack.

Great package. I picked up the UEEE Exploration Pack today.

Very tempting!

For any one interested in this and who has aproximatly said value invested … it is a good deal.

I was going to grab this package myself, all three ships look amazing and think they would be very beneficial and diverse to an Organization.

  • Im picturing a land assault of Dragonflies with gunners on the back :smiley: epic!!