Loving the 325A!

I’d given up on bounty hunting because of the dual frustrations of random cockpit openings of the light fighters and the flaky star map, so for a change I took my 325a out for the first time in over a year.

What a change - I buffed it up with a more fuel efficient quantum drive and a pair of FR-66 shields and a fixed gatling loadout and it has been carving through the bad guys up to CS-5 without much trouble.

Plus, I get to log out in the bed when the kids need attention rather than having to dock or ALT-F4!!

Happy days :slight_smile:



325A is a very nice ship! Just remember to keep moving because if you don’t, you will die. I ended up melting mine for other things until they fix the bugs. Once they do and if something better does not come out, I will get it again.

Yeah I just had my ass handed to my by a helmet hunter while trying to find a bounty at grim hex.


It is a sweet ship. I just recently picked one up and have been loving it. I do have an S4 gatling but currently using dual 337 panthers and an S4 rhino repeaters. Works great on the npcs.

That is what I used when I had one, (2) 337 and (1) Rhino.

I just discovered that the dark blue colour I picked for the ship matches nicely with the clan uniform too - bonus!


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