Looking to Upgrade

Hey Folks,

I’m working with this right now, but would like to improve things in the months/year ahead…

Origin PC
Intel Core i5-370K CPU @ 3.40 GHz
16.0 BG RAM
64-bit Operating Sys x64 based processor
NVIDEA GeForce GTX 670


Not necessarily much room to upgrade stuff in that system if you want to keep things. A new rig is really in order at this point. When are you looking to buy and what’s your budget?

I assume your CPU is an i5-3570k w/ 16 GB DDR3. That’s absolutely sufficient platform to play in full detail atm. The only thing to upgrade is the GPU, i.e., I would wait for the cards based on Polaris from AMD and Pascal from NVIDIA.

you could get a GPU. I have the same system except I have a i7 3770k. I am opting to wait it out until pascal and cannon lake.

If the game will play, wait to upgrade IMHO.

Appreciated, guys.

I’ll see how the game develops and make some moves.