Looking to upgrade your fleet in 2950? IAE 2950 Sale event

Just wanted to put in a word to anyone looking to upgrade their fleet this year during the IAE 2950 event.

  1. Remember to shop for YOU, consider your interests and what you want to do 90% of the time for FUN. Would not recommend shopping and spending IRL money solely to fill a role in ADI.
  2. At a minimum get an Avenger Titan or Cutty Black.
  3. If you want more get a ship you absolutely LOVE and you can play your role 90% of the time for fun than get yourself a second industry ship or money maker. Then you can purchase ships in-game.

Cutty Black, Connie’s, Freelancer’s, Vanguards. Are great all-around ships depending on your focus.

The Cutty Black, Connie, and MSR can probably carry a ROC for making credits.

Prospector, Vulture, Vulcan, Nomad*, and Hull B are probably the best go to’s for solo capable industry ships for making credits.

Keep in mind how many players you will have available when YOU want to play when shopping for crew ships.

If you want a good layout of where to go visit the profession map.

The rows are laid out by interests so pick the role you like
Stick with the SOLOABLE columns (maybe some small group ships)

If IRL money is not a problem please buy to your heart’s content and support the development of the game.


That is sage advice from @ColeHunter!

I would also add…

If you purchased a non-LTI ship during the year then this would be a great time to melt it and re-purchase it and have almost LTI (10 years insurance). This could be a bit tricky so I would recommend asking questions BEFORE melting so you don’t get into a pinch.

Remember, you only get ONE buy-back-token per calendar quarter to buy back items melted using CIG store credit. You can always buy back ships with real cash.


It may be possible to even get LTI on some of your ships without it by buying a cheap concept ship Warbond and CCU’ing up to what you want.

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