Looking For Merchantman

With the Hull series concept sale looming, I find myself torn between a shiny new Hull or a grey market Merchantman. While I think there is little doubt that Hull Cs and larger will be the better money makers, Merchantmen sound like a lot more fun! We wont really be able to compare the two until details come out on Friday. In anticipation of this however I thought I would just see if there is anyone in the org who bought extra Merchantmen to sell or have one they were planning to liquefy for a Hull?

i think they are going back on sale in the anniversary sale that was when i had planned to get one anyways

My brain says do that but my heart says LTI or go home!
Another strategy that has been suggested to me is to buy a Hull with LTI and then do a cross chassis upgrade to Merchantman, is this for sure going to be an option or just speculation?