Looking for a used graphics card

I am looking for a used graphics card. My previous card was a GTX 480 but it has recently died and I cannot afford to replace with another card due to some real life issues that are consuming every spare cent I have right now. I am currently running off of a GSO 9600 which crashes if I try to load anything like ARK or Star Citizen. If anyone has anything that is capable of running ARK and Star Citizen that they are willing to part with at a loss I would be grateful.

I should have a Geforce 680 GTX (maybe even two for SLI) around here somewhere. I cant seem to find it right now, but if I do and shipping isnt expensive, its all yours. Will look more tomorrow. [edited by mod] Will see what I can find

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Hi there,

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I will look more today for the card. I dont mind that email being public. I run various mustang clubs and that is the email I use for dealing with the public and members.