Long time

Just wanted to let you guys know I am back after a few years off. Learning the game again and already see some gaming community problems which I hope will not make SC suffer the same issues a Eve on line did in its beginning which caused people to just stop playing and give it the poor reputation it has now. I suggested something on the SC forums. Take a look and see what you think.



Welcome back Yazzmania. A link to your suggestion would be helpful. Thanks.

Welcome back

sorry it’s

I know I am long winded on the lead up to the idea. I just wanted to make where I was coming from a bit clearer.

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Hey Yazzmania. Thanks for your post. I was an interesting read and notwithstanding its first reply, a valid concern. I upvoted it. Would you mind sending me a Direct Message via Discord? Thanks, M

OK will try to set up discord today… wife is wanting me to set up her home office computer today and we have our wedding anniversary luncheon also.

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