Long duration flights and the game mechanics

I’ve been pondering this myself and can’t come up with a completely workable solution and it’s bugging me, so here it is for everyone:

How do you think Star Citizen will handle multiplayer ships and player crews over extended ops?

Let me explain the problem as I see it, you and x amount of folks crew up a ship for a long duration op, 1+ days continuous, you go out together on hour 1, do some initial exploration or whatever then night falls and people log off, now what if one or more people have to work the next day and some don’t, the don’ts log in and continue, but where, are they automatically on the ship? what if the ship’s owner isn’t online, what if the ship then goes and gets blown up, what happens to the folks who weren’t logged in at the time, or the owner if someone else is flying his ship while he wasn’t online and he logs in and the ship is toast.

As you see there is a lot of very problematic issues here, so what’s your take?

Most games handle player logging in to an unsafe location (e.g., ship blown up) by placing you at the nearest safe point (e.g., closest friendly planet). None of know for sure, but that would be my speculation. You “respawn” at a safe location when you die, I would expect if you got left behind on an extended op you would respawn at a safe point (maybe the last safe point you visited).
As for losing a ship, there is always insurance. :open_mouth: And of course an unhappy ship owner.

I figure that to, if the ship dies while your are logged out aka asleep, you are in game rescued and end up exactly the same as if you were blown up while playing and managed to eject.

But how about a crew member logging in while the ship captain is offline, is the ship spawned just for you, and what exactly are you able to do on board while you wait for the captain to join.

I seriously doubt they will spawn the ship for you; again I think you are moved to the closest “safe” point.

Complete conjecture: There has been some talk regarding the mechanics of lending others your ship. Assuming such a system is implemented, the solution to the captain logging out might be that the for the ship to stay in the game, command must be delegated/lent to another crew member.

That would seem sensible, as the second in command would be able to continue the ops in the absence of the captain. However, I still think it’s problematic for a crew whose captain has disconnected and no-one else has the permission to pilot the ship, and teleporting your ship to a safe location can be troublesome, especially if you’re exploring in the middle of nowhere.

My thoughts exactly, if a crewman logs in to another players ship and ends up at a safe zone, then how then does he get back when the ship’s owner does come online to continue the mission.

There are only a few foolproof solutions and they then create problems of their own.
One, if the captain logs out his ship stays active with an NPC in command who flies to nearest landing area and docks.
Two, crew can’t spawn unless the ship owner is in first and his ship is loaded in.
Three, command authority passes to most senior crewman on board and first person to log in spawns the ship.

Am sure I had another one but forgot it whilst typing these three. If we had multiple characters active at the same time, Two would be the best option but we don’t.

All of the above are bad in someway, I like none of them to be honest but all scenarios lead to less than favourable features, I’ll be interested in how CIG fix this.