Lonely in the verse

I’m finding myself on SC quite a lot now and think it would improve my experience if i integrated with Corp members in game more.

Anyone that is willing to put up with my Noob questions and a constant puzzled expression please feel free to message or add me to contacts in game :slight_smile:

I will be on the mumble server as often as i can also.

SC Handle - Limey74


Getting on mumble is the best cure for verse loneliness. If there isn’t anyone around, you can always ask your question in the discord orgchat channel. I still ask a ton of noob questions!

Howdy, Limey. I am mostly online in the European evening hours. GMT-1 here. But may be you want to make a tour over the next few days days, or join on a scenic site safari. Anyway, if you like just leave a shout.

Mumble is the place to be, get into the star citizen solo play room and start asking questions. Everyone has to learn, we can help.

Cheers for the info Caeci

I will definitely take you up on that offer Stardust thanks very much!

And thank you Hollow will do!

You are welcome Limey. I also sent out a friendship request at spectrum a moment ago.

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