loading missles on a hornet

So I got missile racks for my hornet and got 10 marksman I IR guided missiles for it. I used to be able to mount 8 missiles, 4 on each rack. Now for some reason I can mount 8 but once I close out the table then open it back up I only have 5 missiles mounted and 3 empty slots. I tried refilling the missile rack and going into AC and sure enough I only have 5 missiles. Now If I fill the empty slots with the only other missile type I have, the spark I, and close the table then open it up again they are still there. Any clue what’s going on here? I don’t want to use the spark I as I find an unguided missile pretty much useless.

Edit: Just reopened the table and the spark I missiles disappeared from the racks, I’m back to 5 missiles.

The holo table is bugged as hell. If you want to revert your changes, quit the game, delete the file USER_inventory.xml located in “C:\Program Files\StarCitizen\CitizenClient\USER” and start the game back up again. Try to make your loadout in one go, the first time is when you have the most chances.

Note that the holotable shows replicated items, so make sure you have enough of each item you place on your ships, otherwise they will “magically disappear” after you close the table.

It took me about 5 restarts of the game to put 4 Sledge II on my Hornet…

Ahh ok, I was wondering why I had 2 hornets as well. I have the one I bought then a -2 version in the holotable. Thanks for the help.

BigCar, I get a similar bug with my Gladius at times–it happens if the holo table thinks I have a weapon that I don’t actually have and if I load that weapon.

In particular this happens with my missile slots as well.

Deleting your inventory file is the best way to temporarily solve it.