List of Ships Google doc

As someone new to the game, I found myself frequently getting lost when people were talking about various ships in mumble. Looking around the internet was only somewhat helpful. Every time I turned around I was running into a new ship, or variant, and so when comparing different ships, there was just too much disjointed information out there. So, I’ve started working on a spreadsheet that combines all the ships currently supposed to exist in the Star Citizen universe (unique ships or ships that are several hundred years old have been excluded).

This current iteration contains mostly only the ‘species’ of a given ship (ie the huge variety of different Mustang set ups). And there are still 76 entries (though, in fairness, some of these aren’t currently and/or may never be playable).

Eventually, I’m hoping to have all the stats, options, variants, and price points listed on this spreadsheet. The idea being that we’d have a quick reference guide to help people familiarize themselves with the variety of ships and their strengths and weaknesses. And here is where ‘you’ come in. I’ve included a link to this spreadsheet on google docs. Anyone and everyone can edit it. I’m hoping people will help out and add data and/or comments. I also have a copy on my computer and apparently google drive offers a sort of document version control. In other words, there are multiple ways to either revert the data or access back up copies, so please feel free to go nuts.

Excel version … sp=sharing

Google sheets version … sp=sharing

Took the liberty of filling in known manufacturers in Google doc version with data from RSI website.

Hi Tiger27,

I like the ideas, but I think this post/topic would be better suited in Operations section for further conversation.

Heya Rax, do you have the powers to move threads?


No worries. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve actually moved past this phase and have started development. I’ll post future requests for volunteers and/or progress reports under operations. :slight_smile: