LirAzoirus says Hi

well… Hello there, glad that i got invited from mac61 to be part of this organization. Before getting started, i would like to clarify a thing: Even if i log in Mumble i don’t have right now the capacity to speak due the new set of cheap headphone i had are exactly lacking of a microphone. Still! I can listen (even if this will be an hard task for me… English language is a bit like Achilles heel)

Hello LirAzoirus welcome to ADI we are glad to see you joining ADI we will be happy to help you get ready to join ADI. Without a mic you will not be able to complete the Onboarding. We have members from all over the world. For some English is not a first language, as long as you can understand and communicate clearly it will be fine. I’m an Assistant Team Lead with the Staff at ADI feel free to message me on Discord, on the Forums, or on Spectrum I will be happy to help in any way that I can.

Hello LirAzoirus and welcome to our forums. Glad to have you, be sure to get on Mumble when you have your mic situation figured out and get your onboarding. What elements of SC game play are you most interested in? Like Pistolcb said, you’re welcome to let us know if you have any questions about SC or ADI, we’ll be happy to help. Hope to hear from you soon!

thank you all for the sweet welcome. So, there’s a new: my old consumed headphone with the microphone is still working, just checked it right now so i can be able to talk too, the bad side is just for my ear due such headphone has completely consumed the spongy membrane, but that’s the less. SO! Here’s my first questions:

  1. Why in Star Marine i can’t switch loadout?
  2. you all maybe know abou that annoying but for the ship customization where if you send a claim and then retreive the ship you find out that the stuff you bought with UEC seems missing from the inventory? Do you know when this could be fixed?
  3. As i’ve started with a Mustang Alpha, i should have some cargo space… but i’ve founded that i’m not able to use it. There’s a problem with the interiors?
  4. How can i manage the contact list, like sending invites, sending friend requests and so on?
  5. It is just me or when i try to open the chat logs in game with F12 is not working?

Hi LirAzoirus,

Welcome to the forums. Some of our more knowledgeable members will probably be able to give you more current information, but last I checked there were some issues with item bought with UEC disappearing exactly as you described. The Mustang Alpha inventory is not currently accessible from the outside, though trade terminals should work. I have had some issues with the contact list myself but for chat try hitting right Alt first and then f12, that usually works for me.

Looking forward to flying with you once you get your mic running.

Welcome to ADI LirAzoirus! Hope you get your problems fixed, I will be glad to assist if needed, hope to see you in the PU soon!

Hi LirAzoirus,

Welcome to ADI. Yes lot of what you state are known bugs in the current version that hopefully get fixed soon. You can check status of issues on the RSI issue council to verify your issue is recorded and even vote on them.

Bye changenl

Hi LirAzoirus,

was nice to talk to you during the onboarding, hope to see you soon in the verse


Hey LirAzoirus. Welcome to ADI! I’m glad that you were able to figure out a solution for you’re mic problem. Once you get into mumble, you’ll find lots of people that can help you answer questions. It’s a great group of people and I hope that you enjoy your experience with us.

Hey liz, I have a suggestion. It may or may not work. If you are on a desktop and there are separate jacks for a mic, and or headphone jack. You can turn a speaker into a microphone but quality won’t be perfect I can assure you that. In times I have needed a mic and didn’t have one but had earbuds, I was able to use them as a makeshift mic via connecting it to the mic jack. It was temporary while I was at home and not at my dorm over a weekend.

Regardless welcome to ADI! Hopefully you can complete your on boarding in due time :slight_smile:
We have some fun events coming up in the next few weeks.

As such feel free to ask any questions that you have