Limited Edition Ships

I’ve heard conflicting information on the subject of ship availability. I understand that CIG have said that all ships will be available in game eventually, but then there are limited edition liveries and specifications and even model variants. Can anybody clarify the differences please as it would really help with my fleet wish list. Currently I have a Freelancer MIS for instance, if I knew I could get it in game eventually I may CCU it to something bigger and grind later on up to it with UEC.


Yeah it took me a bit to learn too. Best thing I’ve found is using to help me visualize what I’m after. Then after making a list Google search them individually, RSI cross examine them, watch YouTube vids about them, and absorb whatever information I can lol.

Freelancer MIS is a great ship, and good launching point for anything but to my knowledge all the freelancer variants are going to be available in game. The limited ships you will probably not be able to get are things like the Bengal, (maybe the Javelin don’t quote me on that one). Some ships are limited sale ships only a certain number available for each sale but are still going to be purchasable in the game.

For variants like the Gladius ship. Their stock components differ, but ultimately it’s just a color variant. which you could later swap components out for anyway. November is the best time to buy/upgrade when everything is available for the anniversary sale.

I wouldn’t buy a ship so big you don’t have anything to aspire to once your in the game, buying that ship you intend to primary and use that as your stepping stone into everything else. MIS is a good place to be if that is what you are interested in. (bit fat IMO) LOL.

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I started playing regularly right after the anniversary sale in 2018 so I drove a Freelancer MIS for almost a year. It was and still is, a great ship. I love ADI’s Mass Ops and often found myself driving either the CAG or the MC around, or being used as a missile boat. Even when missiles were gimped, those guns hummed. On Valentines Day CIG offered the SuperHornet HeartSeeker for sale and I waited too long, not sure if I should’ve bought it. Well, I should’ve but I didn’t. Along the way, I picked up a Prospector for the sheer fun of it and then a Freelancer MAX, back when trading was stable, all the while waiting for the 2019 Anniversary Sale so I could get the Cutlass Black; more cargo space than the MIS, better visibility but undoubtedly a light weight in comparison. The MIS is still popular and unique enough to be written in most mass ops these days, often as a C&C ship so its still very relevant.

Thanks guys! I actually have a half decent fleet, with an explorer package (couple of small CCUs), a mole and a pioneer. I’m trying to plan ahead as I expect that my wife and I will have kids by the time the game releases (or maybe grandchildren) so my time may be more limited, hence going pretty hard with all I’d need to base build when pledging now. There are several videos supporting buying a few large ships and earning smaller ships in game, except maybe one to get started with, which I tend to agree with. Having said that I don’t want to miss out on a certain model because it was limited, but it sounds like that is only a temporary thing. Not too bothered about liveries if they’ve been and gone but I’d have hated to lose my MIS, it plays like a fantastic all rounder and great to tag along on org ops. Sounds like I made the right choice with it!

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Awesome you have a pioneer, I’m super excited to see the gameplay that comes with that. By the sound of it, they’re working on the groundwork for base building now so hopefully that means they are fleshing that ship out too! I want to see that behemoth do it’s thing :slight_smile:

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There are almost three kinds of ship:

Normal Ships:
these ships are available during some sales on the website and will be available in game (now or later), most of the ships are counting to this category

Limited normal ships:
This ships are limited in the amount they sale to keep the count low in the verse, some examples are the very expensive ships like 890j, Idris, Kraken and some others

Limited special ships:
This ships are going to sale only once during the initial concept sale or during a special event, but you can devide this in two sections:

Special Variants:
Mostly the same as the normal version, sometimes a little bit different loadout (like the hornet heartseaker compared to the normal super hornet) or only with different colors (like the Valkyre liberator or the mole carbon edition)

Special Ships:
these are rare items, which are only available during a limited time and won’t be sold later or in game. Sometimes they are available over the website or in big packages (like the captured scythe fighter) or bundled with some other things (like the mustang omega with AMD or the Sabre Raven with an intel optane)

This only as an addition to your orginal question which was already answered by some other org folks

That’s super helpful thanks! CIG state ALL ships will be available in game but the exception aren’t always that clear!