Leaving the org

Hello everybody,

I’m going to leave the org. I never was very active und dosn’t looked into the game for a long time.
So instead staying in the org as an dead file I say goodbye and have fun.


You can stick around as a dead file if you want. You’ll actually cause us more trouble if you come back later and we have to re-onboard you.

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Adam is correct!

And I was a dead file for the first two years in the org myself. So if you don’t want to leave and remain on the roster, you can.

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You’re not a dead file! Dead files don’t post nice messages like you. Stay with us. When you start playing the game we will be here to welcome you back. We all take breaks from game play, some of us for longer periods than orhers. Stay, sample the cool-aid and rest easy knowing you’re not a dead file.

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