Unfortunately I have to leave the Organization.I’ve realised that I can’t cope with different timebelts of members and also I’m not skilful enough in English to cooperate well.Moreover,actually I was invited in Russian(my native language) organization.It’s not so big and gorgeous as our Precious ADI.Hope there won’t be eny problems and conflicts.Probably our organizations could work together in future.What is the proccec of exit?We are fine?

My english is not very good either but I keep trying to play and follow the english discussions. I will not hide the fact that I get some difficulties by following flying orders, discussions especially when all come at the same time. It s not my native language but since I ve joined ADI, I never got negatives comments. The leaders and other members showed me patience and understanding. Their attitude gives me motivation to continue with the clan.
It is too bad that you re leaving ADI but I understand. It s your choice and your real life comes first. Maybe we see us in the verse later. :wink:

I’m sure your english is a lot better than my german :wink: The truth is like most groups that focus around flying we use voice comms and use english as the standard language for the org. We try to be as welcoming as we can, and a lot of staff members are non-native speakers who can work with you on learning English better as well.