Late Introduction

Hey, was supposed to do this before I got boarded, but better late than never! I joined the E&S, and only have an aurora currently, but I might change that later. I look forwards to working with all of you!

Hello Lothryn. Welcome to ADI.

E&S is a great division to join. Exploration should be key to ADI’s success as an org. Big responsibility. :wink:

The Aurora is a solid starter ship. It has more versatility than the Mustang and most likely will be a decent starting money maker. Being an explorer, you may want to look at something like the 315p, or the Freelancer DUR as an upgrade if you’re considering one.

Glad to have you on board.

Welcome to ADI Lothryn better late then never it takes some time to learn how to navigate an org this size. I’m still learning lol. It’s good to have you if you have any questions just send me a message.

Ah good to see you made the post.

Exploration, the heartbeat of any space program. Awesome division to be a part of, looking forward to seeing the great things that come from you guys! I’ll be there punchin’ the pirates in the face for ya! Cya soon!

Hello Lothryn and welcome to ADI. It was good talking to you. Next time hopefully we can manage to fly together! Fly safe.

Hello Lothryn,

It’s good to have you join us. E&S sounds like an exciting area to play, that should be fun. Be sure to spend some time on mumble and get to know some of the players in the community. There are a lot of great people here and good things are happening. All the best to you.

Greetings Lothryn!

Welcome to ADI. I hope you have been having a great time so far. What other games have you been enjoying as of late? I can’t wait for 3.0 to come out it looks like it will be a blast. Will see you in the verse with your Aurora and can’t wait to talk. Thanks again for joining ADi.