KusoJiJi (the shitty old man) Intro

Yaoza ADI!

I am KusoJiJi, literally “shitty old man” in Japanese. :sunglasses: I’m a 31 year old active duty Corporal in the USMC and this sounds like the perfect group for me. Maturity is a must for me in any group I’m a part of and having grizzled, “refined” gentlemen of the working variety sounds just about right.

That being said, I am a story player, always looking to follow a good storyline and or explore some new place or location. As such, I plan to explore mainly, likely getting the exploration pack, as well as keeping my current Aurora LN and adding a Sabre or Gladius to my lineup for combat needs.

Also, I’m the vanguard for my own group of friends, so I’m as much appraising the group as I’m being appraised and I look forward to having some awesome, unforgettable times with new and old alike!

Semper Fi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to Atlas, Marine! Hope to see you in the verse.