Hey all,

Names Krank, I and my Titan look forward to joining your ranks. And always if you need something or someone moved. Get in touch :slight_smile:

Hi Krank9026,

Welcome to the club. Love the design of the titan and heard it possibly becomes a bigger ship.
Which division have you joined and in what role?

Bye changenl

Well, started with the aurora but it just didnt pack enough punch, and obviously with the titan rework incoming i will be utilizing ALL the cargo space! But yeah, lovely ship and the tigershrike is just lovely lol, nothing like shredding your enemies with kinetic energy impactors at a blinding rate!

Division wise im not sure, there is so much i want to do with SC that at this present moment, resigning myself to one set thing is proving to be a tough challenge. However, the intelligence div looks like it would be a LOT of fun, so who knows!

Hello Krank90 and welcome to ADI! I love the Avenger series, beautiful ships, solid weaponry, very versitile.

Selecting a division doesn’t lock you in forever. Nor does it lock you out of working with other divisions in other aspects of the game. Take some time to think on it. We typically recommend you choose a division that is in line with the type of game play you think you’ll enjoy and want to spend the most time in.

If you have any questions about the Org or SC please feel free to PM me here or in Discord. Welcome to the team!

Welcome to ADI Krank9026 it is a great time to get involved in Star Citizen we have a very active group and we keep busy. If you have any question just send me a message and as far as what division to join jump into mumble and someone will be happy to talk about that with you I always say go with what you know you want to do most of the time you are in game. See you around.

Hello Krank9026 and Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, what Division were you planning on joining? if you have any questions or need help, pm me here or look me up on Mumble, see you in the Verse’

Hello and welcome to ADI!

@krank9026 :smiley:

Hello Krank,

Welcome to ADI, it’s good to have you with us. Sounds like you’re interested in doing some transportation. That’s great. As content is continually released, and the eventual game, it’ll be great to have someone move troops around. Best wishes to you as you get adjusted to your new org.

Hey Krank! Welcome to the org! I started with a titan as well, its an all around great ship to start with!