konkore intro

Played a bunch of first person shooters in the past, A lot of Arma 3 KOTH, Battlefield, etc…
Mostly looking to assit in security or military transport/airsupport .
Looking forward to playing with you guys!

Welcome to ADI, konkore. Onboarding you now

Hi Konkore,

A warm welcome to ADI and good to have you onboard!
What division did you join, FS?

Bye Changenl

Hello Konkore, welcome aboard! I am Marcko one of the new Prospects here at Atlas Defense Industries, if you have any questions feel free to look me up here, on mumble or Discord, maybe even in the PTU, take care!

Welcome to ADI Konkore!

Welcome to ADI konlore we can always use more help in Fleet Security pilots ans marines will be needed to defend our property and members.

Hi Konkore,

I played a lot of those games too. You’ll find many people who play ARMA today as well as BF games. Currently I’m into Rainbow 6 while SC is being developed further. If you hop on mumble there’s always someone playing games, most likely a game that you’re playing. It’s a great way to get connected, especially when you’re starting out. I look forward to having you around. See you soon hopefully. All the best