Killerbee04x : Fresh out of space lock

Hi, I’m new. still getting a feeling on my control layouts… I don’t know much… there not much instructions… I’ve played eve online (sense 2004-2016, elite dangerous (2017) xbox. This game is modern compared to the other styles. I like it… it just the learning cure is high without friends. I’ve know of this game sense 2016. i had lot going on in my life. sorry i wasn’t around. its a lot like elite dangerous with a gears of war theme… i like it. we need a sense of storyline… without it theres no culture. i hope i can help be apart of it. i hope it goes on the 2020 xbox system. maybe just a shooter on different planets.

system spec: gigabyte w/b z390motherboard(2018), gigabyte w/b 2080 (8g). SSD pro stick nv. 32ram w/b 4100.

I just want to explore and do missions. team play is a must for me… i love it… but i’ll solo if needed…

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Hello Bee… To be true - changing flight controls is a rather frequent thing to be done here… New patch, New shortcuts, et voila, it is time to take a look look at your controllers again. And well, the learning curve here is rather athletic, even for old rookies. I remember when hover mode was introduced, Jesus, what a drama.

But never the less, once you get A feeling for the things around you, star citizen is awesome. Wana see tropics - just jump to Hurston. Interested in skyscrapers, just hopp to Arccorp…

So, welcome at Atlas and have a good time here.

Hey Killer and welcome to ADI! We have a lot of members and staff that can help you with your gaming experience. Here in ADI, we know RL can effect game play and that is why we have it in our rules. RL first and foremost! Let us know if you have any questions and get going on that onboarding! See you in game!

Welcome to ADI Killerbee! You’ll find plenty of group play here. We have a great group of players.

Welcome Killerbee! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to ADI KillerB. Historically, I’ve been more of a solo player but I have had stints of very enjoyable teamplay. Fortunately, being in ADI and playing with the guys and gals here can be counted among my most enjoyable experiences. I look forward to you contributing to the fabric of the org.

Hello and welcome Bee,

Don’t worry about the controls and such too much as we’ve all been there and there is a lot of trial and error to get it situated just right for each pilot. We’ll be happy to help out if you have questions or problems arise and you need backup out in the 'Verse or technical support if it comes to it. Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Welcome to ADI Killerbee, glad to have you with us =D

Welcome aboard to ADI Killerbee! Make sure to review the calendar for upcoming meetings and events. We hope you like ADI as much as we do! See you soon in the verse!

thanks all