Hello there,
My name is Kalmy, and for a while I was trying to find a place for myself in the verse, and I hope this will be the one (:
So I hope I will be able to be of help for you and enjoy it in the process.


Greetings Kalmy; welcome to the ADI forums! Be sure to hop into our Mumble server and meet some of us, also you can get your onboarding. Directions for Mumble can be found here: atlasdefenseindustries.com/join-adi

You’ve found a fantastic community of gamers and I am sure you’ll be glad you did. What aspects of Star Citizen are you most interested in? What profession(s) do you think you’ll pursue? If you have any questions about ADI or SC feel free to let us know. Welcome!


Hi Kalmy,

Welcome to ADI! This is a pretty great community to be a part of. Hop on Mumble when you get a chance and start to get to know people. Do any of ADI’s divisions appeal to you? Hope to talk to you soon.


welcome to ADI onboarding you now


Hey Kalmy!

Welcome to ADI. There will always be a place for good members like yourself in the verse. I hope to see you around in mumble. Let me know if you need a wingman in any of your missions or adventures. I’m always happy to join up and help out.


Hey Kalmy. Welcome to ADI! I hope this becomes as much of a home for you as it has for me. There are lots of good people here and there is usually something fun going on. We keep things pretty social on discord and mumble. See you around!


Welcome to ADI Kalmy. When you hop into mumble, you’ll be in the best place for the verse.