Kalimah Introduction

Hey all. Just finalized the membership process and DL’d Mumble also. Everything is set to go. Can’t wait to get active with you all soon. Right now I’m working 6 days a week swabbing people from their cars for the 19. I am an Operating Room Nurse and that’s what I have been doing for the past 2 1/2 months. Anyways, I really wana hook up and do some multicrew training etc when I can start to get a chance. O7.

Welcome to ADI! if you ever want to get onboarded just hop into the lobby and I’ll get you sorted. see you in the verse!

Hey there. Well, you came to the right place! Welcome to ADI. This is the place you can escape from all this Covid thing. We’ll be ready right here waiting for you to do missions together and help you get hooked up on all the fun that awaits you here.

Seriously can’t wait!

Yeah! Just let us know whenever you feel like playing together and as long as I’m in the verse I’ll join you. Make yourself at home!

Welcome Kalimah! That is a rough work sched, this will definitely be the place to unwind. Multi crew is always fun and its never hard to find someone to go with. See you in the verse!

Thank you all for the greetings. Makes my life seem kind of “normal” now lol

Join me for some shenanigans, and you have a 50% ± 50% chance to accidentally end up in jail, but it will be fun!

Welcome to ADI!

Now that sounds fun lol

Hi Kalimah and welcome to ADI, I’ve been missing that fast pace in the OR lately…Has me re-thinking my degree entirely!! See you out there :smiley:

Welcome to ADI Kalimah! We will have a blast once you have time. Thank you for your work on the virus and helping people.

Welcome aboard, Im all about the multi crew. Hammerhead is usually loads of fun with the Org so hit me up anytime and lets see who wants to tear up the 'Verse

Did you work in the O.R. also?

Seriously can’t wait!

Welcome Kalimah. I’m new to the group too. Just joined yesterday.

Welcome to you also!

Best of luck in the work life as that’s rough right now. Welcome to the Org and the fun that brings to Star Citizen!

@Kalimah yes, I was a heart scrub :smile: A couple of years ago I took a paper pusher job and I’m realizing I’m an adrenaline junkie and miss it!

Welcome to ADI Kalimah. I’m glad you joined the team.Hopefull, I’ll see you in our org’s mass ops.

Cardiac scrubbing can be so difficult! I like to scrub surgeries rather than being the Circulator in the room. Love scrubbing big ortho cases!

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