Just want to say hello.

Hi people!
I recently applied to your ranks and find myself unable to think of much else than rig modifications and getting into the alpha.
Unfortunately for me I’m currently on vacation and can’t proceed to become a full fledged member just yet (no mumble access until I come home), so I’d like to say hello and would love some company/hype out here in the non-member corner of the forums.

Also dreaming of buying a Carrack, though it is a bit pricey for my wallet currently. Any other explorers who got excited about that ship?



Looking forward to when you return from Vacation and can join us. Have a great time. See you soon


Welcome to ADI.

Yes the carrack is a fine ship. I can hardly wait to actually see it’s lay out. And to you have a good vacation and welcome.

Welcome sir :smiley:

Welcome Maedas, hope you get you mobile certificate for mumble sorted out okay

About an hour or two away from it to be sorted out. Cheers everyone :slight_smile: