Just switched to the Mustang Alpha, did i just mess up?

First of all Happy New Year guys! I hope you all get and enjoy a bountiful 2017!

That said, I must admit I haven’t been active since I joined ADI this past August due a variety of reasons. Fortunately, I am now trying to get involved in a bigger way. I recently exchanged my Aurora MR to a Mustang Alpha taking advantage of the Holiday sale. I didn’t really like the Aurora mainly because I like the smaller profile and hopefully slightly faster speed. I have found it to be less buggy than the Armada. Maybe is they’re entry level/starter? Idk. In the other hand I got the Aegis Titan for mainly cargo, and I’m fairly happy. Do you think me switching to the Mustang was a mistake? I wanted to be able to fly some basic combat and if cargo missions in 3.0 begin, I could switch to the Titan. Ideally, I like the Gladius personally reminds me of my favorite Vietnam bird, the F4 Phantom, but I’m not sure I want to keep investing more before I actually learn the ropes. Advise?

Hey CaptainDallas!

Regarding the Aurora vs Mustang, both are in a bad state currently as CIG hasn’t really focused on improving the way the starter ships are handling so far. Either way, the ships are entry level and should be treated as such, you are most likely going to upgrade them in-game whenever you can.

Whether or not you want to invest more money in the game is up to you, really. Keep in mind that buying ships is mainly to support the development of the game, all these ships will be available in-game later on.

Also, it looks like you don’t have all your permissions set up on the forums. Have you done your on-boarding? Please come online on Mumble and speak to a member of staff to get that sorted :slight_smile: