Just Starting Out

I just accepted an invitation to ADI and was looking to say hello and meet some members as well as learn about the org more

And a hello back.

The forum is much larger, but obviously limited to members. But this is a good way to get to know the org.

In addition to forums, ADI hosts discord chat rooms and Mumble voice rooms.

The org is “exclusive” which means players are only a member of ADI and not affiliated to any other organizations. The same in reverse, we don’t accept members of other orgs to affiliate with ADI. There are exceptions where members can affiliate, but only with orgs that are social. Operation Pitchfork and the Admirals Club are two examples. Basically orgs that aren’t there for in-game play but rather the social aspect of a common interest.

If you have the time, look around the website. I would note our three basic rules with emphasis on Rule 3 - Real Life First. Our members range from very casual to extreme hard core. The desire is to let members participate in SC to the extent real life permits.

ADI is against piracy but obviously fully in favor of commerce and our fleet security division (fighters, bombers, capital ships, and marines) along with our Exploration & Survey Division are our two largest Division but our Mission Support, Commerce & Transport, Personal Contract Services (bounty hunters, protection, etc), Mining & Salvage, are also heavily populated.

Our goal is to help members enjoy the full spectrum that we hope SC will provide.

Thanks for the reply, I hope to be on SC more the coming months but I have been playing and enjoying what it currently has, I was wondering if attacking known pirates on sight and looting them is permissible and what i would have to do to move up from just a recruit. PS I’m looking to upgrade from a starter ship and looking for recommendations

A pirate would have a wanted (red) status by the UEE. So you’d be doing them a favor. Pirates are a legal target.

As for recommended ships, depends on what you want to do. Many have picked up the Cutlass Black which appears to be a good multi-role ship, can fight, but not a true fighter. Fighters that appear well liked include the Hornet series, Bucccaneer, Sabre, Gladius. The Avenger Stalker is supposedly designed as a bounty hunter ship, one person crew, prisoner holding capability, and can carry “loot”. I’d probably stay clear of the alien ships…but even I own one of them.

Although I normally prefer agile fighters, my want to be able to perform multiple roles make me lean towards the Cutlass Black, but i have looked at the avenger, 300 sereis, gladius, and even the herald.

You will have to complete our onboarding process. Pls follow the instructions on the join ADI Page:
and this: