Just bought an x52 and need help FIXED

There maybe a post about this but dunno. Just bought a x52 and it seems like a good setup but I’m having an issue. When playing SC the joystick isn’t responding till I move it about 1\2" in any direction. I have absolutely no deadzone on any of the axis in my SC setting nor my CP (control panel) settings. If I go to CP and go to Deadzones tab if I move the joystick even the slightest the little red line moves so it not the joystick or I’d like to think it isn’t. Maybe someone has an idea?

Have you downloaded the custom ml for the x52?

I sure did. Was thinking of going to default and see what that does but I’ll do that tomorrow. Just tried a DCS sim and the joystick seems to be working ok.

Anychance you have a razor keyboard or mouse in the mix?

I have a Logitech MK700 with mouse on the unify device and a G700s with its wireless dongle. I was going to go buy a new keyboard today and maybe (a very big one) it will be a razor. Why whats wrong with them? Going to go delete the profile now and see if it is the game or the xml I downloaded.

Don’t buy razor products they cause all sorts of issues with joysticks and Star Citizen.

Your best bet is to hop on mumble and have Blaze or Zarkloyd give you a hand, they’re the joystick experts and built the xml files.

I picked a busy week to try and talk to someone about this but I fixed it :smiley:

The problem was the saturation settings. I was messing with them and finally put them to 25 and everything works just fine now. I never messed with them to begin with so it was a default setting with SC. If anyone else is having problems with deadzone that is probably their problem. Be careful cause if it is set too low you will lose control in flight.