Joy Configs

Hey team. I heard the big boys have been working on joy configs. Im curious how they are coming and if I can help in any way?

All the saitek configs are done. Still need to get somebody with a warthog to do a config based off of the standard.

Is there a compiled list of the Actions/Buttons? It’d be nice for referrence instead of trying to look through the entire XML file?

We haven’t gotten that documentation done yet… basically it’s setup around a modern fighter design…

So you have a TMS hat to deal with threats, and a CMS hat to deal with countermeasures and defenses…

All the joysticks have the same setup on the hats, but obviously some sticks have fewer hats than others.

Not sure if this is the right place to post for requests, but can I get the appropriate files/configs to be able to use my X-55 throttle and CH Fighterstick?


You’re going to need to make those yourself.

Right now we’re only supporting Saitek, X65, X55, X52 Pro, X52 and TM Warthog.

Okay. Are there any tutorials somewhere that explain how to create the files?

I also won’t be around tonight for the meeting. It’s my birthday and I’ll be out for the night.

Not sure about the Saitek but I am using the complete CH HOTAS and it will configure easily. You have to select Joystick in game and click on the load file. Then click on configure file to create a new joystick file (I use filename CH). THen go in and set your Joystick button assignments for the stick. WHen you finish, click at the bottom to save to the CH file. I keep a current copy of my USER file on the desktop since this file changes with updates and you will lose your CH FIle. When that happens, I make a copy of USER file I saved to the desktop and paste it into the Document, Starcitizen, directory where You see the old USER file. It will overwrite with what you have saved. This is the only way I have found to avoid having to remake my CH file after the game gets an update …

My new x55 just arrived! I tad bit of an upgrade from my MS Sidewinder Strategic Controller, just a tad newer than a Intelvision!! :laughing:

The latest xml’s in the xml folder, right?

Not sure what you mean by XML folder. You can download them on the file browser sub forum. You need to place the xml (to assign it in game) in the following directory:


Hope that helps.