hey im deathman58, im looking to joining the org ive got experience playing Arma series and ark, i come from a long military tradition family so chain of command and a following orders comes easy, im exicted to being gaming with this org.

Hi Deathman,

It was great helping out during your onboarding today. Good to have you with us. I’m glad to hear you want to help out the marines. Be sure to check out our marine certs that are offered, typically on the weekends. I hope you get settled in well here. All the best to you


Welcome to ADI, we are happy to have you here. Thanks for reaching out. The founders of ADI came from Arma and you’ll find that there are current members who actively play ark. You’ll family history with a military family with help you fit right in.

Do tell me more about how you got interested in Star Citizen and your playstyle in the game. I look forward to talking to you on mumble and hope to see you around the verse.

If you need a wingman just send me a shoutout.

Hi Deathman,

Welcome to ADI. Good to hear you are interested ing the marines. Fleet Sec is where I originally signed up. Im sure I’ll get an opportunity to chat with you during a cert class. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Welcome, Deathman!

It sounds like you’ve joined the right org. What aspects of the game are you looking forward to?

I hope to see you in game soon!

Welcome to the ADI forums Deathman58! If you have any questions about ADI or SC in general please don’t hesitate to let us know. If you haven’t already, be sure to hop on the mumble server to meet some people and complete your onboarding (directions to the mumble server can be found here: See you around the verse!

Welcome to ADI. Its a pretty exciting place to be, always feel free to jump in to mumble. We always have people flying around these days. Game is getting good! Look me up, looking forward to flying with you.

Hey there Deathman58! It looks like you are made of ADI material. Our leadership has a lot of former service members. We were also born from a previous ARMA group and many still play. Welcome to the org and we are excited to have you with us. I hope to see you around mumble and discord.