Hey all,

I’m Jell-o (Jelly alternatively) I got an invite from a couple orgs and this one seems right up my alley. I also play DCS (A-10C mostly) casually and am a Veteran of the USAF. I’m looking to play casually but having the potential to go bigger if SC is what has been promised. I upgraded to the Andromeda recently (3.0 Hype I suppose) thinking about doing salvage missions. Currently the only thing i have for a headset are my David-Clarks which barely work with a PC but i intend to invest on a new set shortly so if you have any recommendations on a good headset that won’t hurt my large ears, let me know.

See yall around.

Welcome to ADI. Hope to see you around.

Welcome Jell-o!

I recently upgraded to an Andromeda too, the hype is killer! More looking at just exploring really, really far away than any mining and salvage but thankfully the universe is large enough for everyone :slight_smile:

As far as a headset goes, I went through quite a few over the years and have landed on headphones with a separate microphone (okay I use a webcam microphone, but would not recommend it). I picked up these JVCs and have had absolutely zero complains, would buy again any day (and would buy a headset if I could find one that was like these with a microphone). If you’re in the US, head here (ADI link) and search for JVC HA-RX900.

Glad to have you on board, let me know what you end up with for a headset!

Greetings Jell-o! Sadly I can’t give you any reccomendations on headsets, but if you stalk me, you’ll get buisy salvaging my destroyed wreckages.

Hello Jell-o,

Welcome to ADI. Be active in salvage is a good job, Mining and Salvage division should be the right thing for you.
I hope you get a good start in ADI and see you soon around our comms channels and the verse.

Hello Jell-o,

Thank you for your service! I’m glad you’re joining us. That’s an awesome ship to have as a starter. I’m looking forward to get to know you more on mumble and in game. Best wishes to you

Ho Jello,

Welcome to ADI. It was a pleasure assisting with your on-boarding today. Hope to see you around on our chat servers soon, See you out there…

Welcome to ADI Jelly. There are quite a bit of ex-military and active military so you’ll fit right in.

Hi Jell-o,

welcome in the org, hope to see you in the verse with your andromeda. we just had some multicrew fun with this ship a week ago


Welcome aboard! You ever need a shipmate on that ship let me know!