Jademan-94 Introduction

Hello all, I usually go by Jade or Jademan. I’ve always had a fondness towards space or anything that was just right out of reach. Exploration is something I enjoy despite not being able to enjoy the exploration of space in real life. Just discovering new things always seems to bring a little spark in the atmosphere. That’s one thing I always try to keep in a good light because no one likes a downer. Also I am in the Air Force so im not on all the time but i do have a set schedule Monday through Friday and mainly off on the weekends. Im always down for jumping into random games, im known for that just ask Soldier! If you have any questions just ask! Im an open book


Hi Jade, welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying in game ATM? Have you been to the expo?

@Jademan-94 hey there weclome to ADI! Exploring this game, and it’s planets is amazing! :slight_smile: wish there was more “life” on them; maybe in the future.
We have many Retired Air Force members, plus other branches within this org, at it’s top leadership levels down to the basic member :smiley: Real Life Is first! See ya in the 'verse!

What time zone are you currently in?

Hey Jade, great to have you with us.
There isn’t much we have access to, exploration wise, but you can always find something that nobody’s seen ever before, because all the planets and moons are just so vast! What’s your favourite location in the Stanton system so far?
I look forward to meeting you on mumble and in the verse.

Fly safe

Welcome Jade. Retired AF here, and there are a lot of mil and former mil in the Org, so you should feel right at home. Hope to see you in the verse soon

Welcome to ADI @Jademan-94! I onboarded Solider, so knowing him is a plus in my book! Glad you are with us and looking forward to seeing you around.

Hey Jademan!

Welcome, I know exactly what you mean with not being able to explore space in real life… In some ways I wish I was born 500 years later, or lived forever :smiley:

Anyhow, SC exploration game play isnt much atm but will surely develop.

Hey Jade, welcome to ADI! Have you been playing SC very long?

Welcome aboard @Jademan-94, I’m not here all the time either though the biggest thing with this Org is life comes first. Don’t feel obligated to try to spend your while time here!

Welcome to ADI Jademan. I"m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in Mining and Salvage’s division exercise ops.

Welcome to ADI! Play when you can, and don’t stress when you can’t, remember, real life comes first :slight_smile: And I feel the same way about exploring. What kind of work do you do in the air force, provided you can say? See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI @Jademan-94!

I’m glad that you have joined us! I have a thing for space too, pretty much anything related to space, games, rockets, movies, whatever.

See you in the verse!