Hello, I am a prospective member. I can fit just about any role you give me -except leadership roles-, but the chosen role is what I would prefer. I currently have an Aurora LN but I will be getting another ship, when I have the money to do so.
As it currently stands I do not have a job, but I am in the process of enlisting into the US Airforce; what I will be doing has yet to be decided. I have a HOTAS and a set of pedals, but they are… on vacation; so I am using a Logitech 3D PRO joy stick. I play a lot of games, I am a gamer, but I rarely stay on one game for long unless I have something that piques my interest; even if I do go, I will always return to a game I enjoy. Recently I have been playing starbound, with mods, and I quite enjoy it. With that being said, I have finally fixed an issue with Star Citizen that has been keeping me from playing; so yay!

I also play on Space Engineers frequently (typically solo, but I have joined a server (currently mostly inactive)) and have created a stealth bomber I call the “Even Horizon” which can be piloted by a one man crew but works best with a crew of eight, if you’d like more info about it I’d be glad to share!

Jace Ethaniel is the name of my SecondLife character, but I like to go by the call signs “Custos” and “Bad Wolf”.
Speaking of Second Life, it may not be important or anything, but I love to script and program; I know a lot of languages, but I am only proficient with the languages I use frequently; which is currently none, but I pick them up quickly (except internet related functions).

Welcome Jace!

Glad to have you on the team and best of luck with the Air Force process. Have never played Space Engineers but seems like a great game and from what you said and might have to check that out soon.

Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Hi JaceEthaniels,
Welcome to ADI. It was nice talking with you today and I’m glad you’re here. Best wishes with your military plans.

Thanks guys :wink:

Hi Jace,

welcome to the org, and i wish you good luck with your enlist for the airforce

hope to see you soon in the verse



Welcome Jace!

Was nice meeting you on Mumble yesterday. I think you’ll find a lot of opportunities to leverage your skills and interests in ADI. How you described your scripting reminds me of myself, learn it when I need it but don’t use it a lot nowadays :slight_smile: Best wishes with the Air Force.

Hey JaceEthaniel,

I have been considering the US Air Force myself. I won’t know for a few more months myself, but I wish you the best of luck.

When I catch you on Mumble, I want to hear how your HOTAS is on “vacation”, tell it to get back to work :laughing:

Hopefully Star Citizen will hold your interest, but it definitely helps to have friends to fly with. Welcome!

Jace - You sound like a person with many interests. That’s me too. You’ll fit in great here. Welcome!

Welcome Jace,

I’m excited you could join us. That’s awesome that you’re joining the Air Force. Thanks for your service! Please do let us know if you need anything, either on the forums or in discord. Best wishes to you as you get settled in.