Hello everybody, my name is ItsJuice. I’ve been a backer of Star Citizen since March 15th, 2014, and have been very excited watching it’s progression over the years with a hopeful heart for its success. This is my first time properly trying to join an organization on SC. I don’t know how much time I’ve put into the game, but last I really played a good amount of it was back in 2019. I currently have a F7c Hornet and prefer ship to ship combat. So, I’d be a perfect fit for security of cargo ships I think. However, I did enjoy using a hauler and just doing delivery missions with some music on. I hope to eventually have a group SC experience and that this is the right place for it. Thankyou!


Hey ItsJuice! Welcome to ADI! I have also been a long time backer. I will certainly being calling on you to escort me in the future, see you in the verse :slight_smile:

Welcome, ItsJuice!

We have quite a few cargo haulers in the org, so I think you will be quite popular! For group experiences, I recommend trying out org ops, and you can also just hop on mumble and I am sure there will be members interested in grouping up! See you around

Glad to have. Definitely looking for escorts as I am primarily a cargo hauler.

Welcome to ADI ItsJuice. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Welcome to ADI!

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