It's Hello from me ...

Hello ,good evening and welcome
first of all I would like to say a big hello to all and sundrie and a big thank you for letting me join atlas corp . I currently own a cutlass blue and a avenger which I feel will serve me well in the persistent universe . I would consider
Myself a mature gamer and as such time tends to be pretty limited for me . I will mainly be hunting a few bounties but
Will be available for escort duty from time to time . At present my computer is very poorly ( smoke came out of the psu ) and will take a few weeks to fix so will not be in team speak but look forward to speaking to people soon . Not sure that I am posting in the correct place ( if not sorry ) catch you all soon
Stay frosty

Hello Craig, its nice to have you. Have you joined our teamspeak and spoke to one or our recruiters? If not please feel free to join via the homepage of the website. Thanks.

No really , my computer has died will not be able to team speak for a couple of weeks , but as soon as I am able I will jump on to say hello

Ok, not a problem, but FYI there is a phone version of teamspeak and you can use a regular phone headset with it.

Works pretty well imho.

welcome :slight_smile:


Now the I didn’t know , will check that out thanks for the info

I have become addicted to TS mobile app…

Smoke out of the PSU!? Hardcore. Welcome!

Ha ha it didn’t feel very hard core at the time … But thanx for the vote of confidence lol , will get the app and join you soon