Issues with Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X and Track IR v5

Hi guys,

Yep Im still around. Anyone else having problems with the T-flight hotas x on SC?
I cant seem to be able to set it up the way I want it.

Also when trying to use Track IR the first person view in the hanger is a nightmare. My head just seems to drift off my body lol

Elite-Dangerous works like a dream with these hardware so I hope SC gets sorted soon. :imp:

I don’t have an answer for the HOTAS, but for the Track IR, make sure you have disabled the X, Y and Z translations. These are currently not supported by the game and are the probable cause of the bug you experience.

Thanks very much for your help my friend :smiley:

Guess I will have to just play around with the joystick.

ok maybe this is the right place,

track ir 4 did work fine lost my hard drive and now it is real jumpy in star citizen. disconnected the x, y, z but no difference. any suggestions?

Hate to be that guy, but have you tried reinstalling the device? Maybe reinstall the drivers.

yeah tried all the suggested stuff then 1/2 hour later it starts working sigh the mysteries of the computer

All the electrons started spinning properly.