Issues now fixed :D :D :D

I made the mistake of upgrading to windows 10 and it ruined my experience since there was alot of audio issues Q_Q

BUT!, I spent the last few nights I had free re installing windows 7, now I am back and ready to fly again! WOOH!.

Hope to see you all in the verse soon :smiley: , drop a comment if you are a night owl who would enjoy some company in the verse!

I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 without any issues. Then again I have a relatively new and powerful system.

When ever Windows 10 has to be rebooted it only recognizes the built in sound card and not the one I installed even though config shows it. I have to uninstall drivers and reboot to get the sound card I wish to use to work. And I then have to have the USB transceiver for my game-pad removed and plugged back in last to be recognized. (Every reboot/startup!)