Is Tracker going to be an option instead of Oculus Rift?

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I was discussing the dk2 Oculus kit with 2 coworkers that have it and was curious about whether Oculus is a better setup then using TrackIR? Or are they just choices based on preference/cost? As I understand, SC will support both or none…so I was debating which would be better for me.


I have not used the Oculus, but as I understand it there is no high definition and it costs significantly more. I have the TrackIR and it is worth every penny and provides a situation awareness that is absolutely advantageous and game immersing.

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My coworkers even pointed out that they are aware that when the Oculus is released normally to the public, they are fully aware the dk2 kit they have will be nothing but a brick anyways.

I was getting ready to drop the funding on the Warthog HOTAS as the review I watched of the X-55 was less than stellar to say the least lol. I know they might be personal preferences, but wow he blasted the button placement lol. I figure I will have to wait a bit to get the TrackIR due to the fact I still have to get a new power supply for the new rig as well as drop a good bit of money for the Conny/Aquila.

Much appreciated

I have a DK2 and a TrackIR.

Even though the DK2 is incredibly cool, I wouldn’t throw any money at it. Definitely get a TrackIR.

Once the VR options grow and the technology matures, then that decision can be addressed again… but the earliest that might happen is around the end of the year.


I agree with Rob8s’ comment.


That helps a lot with the direction I will go for current technology and what I would like to have.

…now all I have to do is purchase my Aquila and wait for the power supply to come in! :slight_smile:

Anytime and I have the Warthog HOTAS and I love it. I can try and answer questions about it if you want.