Is it Alpha or my hardware?


Windows 7 (64)
i7 4770k 3.5GHz
16GB Ram
GTX 1060 6GB

I know this game is in Alpha. I just want to make sure the problems I am having are not hardware related. There are times the game seems to pause, it is very short 3-4 seconds. Seems to happen when I change direction, turn left or right. From time to time, the game just seems slow to respond.

Sorry if I am the # person to ask this question.

Thank you


Hey there -

I believe the processor is your killer there - need 6th gen or newer if I recall correctly. Best place to get active help is on our members Discord, if you’re interested, stop by our Join Page and follow the steps and we’ll be able to welcome you to the fold and get you some more direct support :slight_smile:



Sorry, I am totally new here. I was invited to join the “fleet” or “guild,” not sure how to refer to our group. I accepted. I am looking forward to playing with all of you. I am very new to Star Citizen. Right now I feel like I am all thumbs with this game.

Where is it you told me to get help, members Discord? Is that part of this website or are you talking about Mumble?

Thank you again for your help.

P.S. It looks like I will need a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM. Sadly, all of mine are tooooo old.


No worries - best thing to do would be follow the steps on the join page :slight_smile: that’ll get you connected for full membership


The join page talks about mumble, not Discord. Also, I have already join the forums here and I am part of the fleet on RSI.

What is the information I will need for Discord?

I am currently working on getting my computer up to par. New MB, CPU, and RAM (mine is currently DDR3).


As part of the Onboarding, Step 6, you’ll be able to become a full member. In order to be onboarded, you’ll need to be on Mumble with a microphone.


The Discord information is handled during onboarding (we only use Discord for text chat). Only fully onboarded members (those who gone through the interview process on Mumble) have access to the Discord.


I don’t think your hardware is the problem, I run SC pretty solid on a core i7-3770 and a GTX970. I found that a good internet connection has a lot to do with fps in the game, I have a 100Mbit wired connection and a friend of mine uses Wi-Fi, his game doesn’t run with a GTX 1070. Make sure you have a wired (or AC Wi-Fi) connection and lower your settings if you have to


I have upgraded my computer, i5-8400, 1060 6G, RAM 16 DDR4. It still is jumpy. It is a lot better than it was. I have a wired 300ms connection.


Hardnutt. I DO show you as a recruit to ADI on RSI’s website.

But you still need to complete all of the 6 steps with the last being to do an on-boarding to get you full access to the forums, Discord and Mumble. The instructions are towards the bottom of this page: