Is a Legacy Alpha Package Worth Keeping?

I have an Aurora package that I cc’d to a Gladius. It is one of 2 ships I have that doesn’t have LTI but it does contain my final Legacy Alpha. I have mostly combat ships so I was thinking of melting this package for the upcoming Prospector. Is there any good reason not to do this?

Not that we’re aware of at this time, since they got rid of alpha and beta status months ago.

That’s what I figured but couldn’t find anything concrete searching RSI. Thanks for the response.

As long as you still have one (1) package of any type, after you melt it - You shouldn’t loose PU access.

If it’s giftable, you may be able to trade/sell it with someone, since it should have the SQ42 and SC both.

I had a LX combo starter package I melted thinking I could get it back later. I can’t. When you try it says can not be bought back because:

  • It was a special limited item
  • It was a special discounted item
  • It has physical assets (By the way it does not have anything non-dig

Note: it was able to be gifted but I did not sell it for the over triple price, what it was selling for a month ago on the grey market, for I did not wish to deal in the market or take the risk.