I admit to being a bit surprised by the invitation… Thank you!!!

I have a question not answered by the faq…
What is your “Time Away” Policy?

When home I will play 12+ hours a day… but there will be times I am gone for up to a month… Probably once in the winter, once in the spring… and my time during the summer will be limited to evenings…

How much of a problem will that be?

I ran a corp in EVE and was eventually driven out of that game by the BIG corps after years of struggling to take and hold 0.0 space… I walked away from millions of credits, blueprints, capital ships etc I was so frustrated. I miss the space aspect a lot… which is what interested me in Star Citizen…
The PVP was a LOT of fun… I was the top ranked pvper in the corp, but there was also the aspect of mining and buying blueprints/building stuff to sell when I needed to relax after a hard day. I miss both quite a bit…
I have nearly 30 years of computer gaming experience… Yes I am old enough to have hosted MANY MANY LAN parties when the craze began in the late 80’s early 90’s…
I am currently running a guild in ESO… but… I am a moral player… I feel that ESO Encourages the murder and theft aspects by promoting the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves guild story lines… I refuse to play them… So your faq caught my attention;

As such, any members participating in any activity including, but not limited to, piracy, extortion, or any other illegal activities as defined by ADI, will be disciplined.

I typically do not join or create/start a guild or corporation until I have something to offer, but this game is quite intricate, even at this Alpha stage. Just being able to ask questions would be a serious bonus to get it all figured out.
I am currently flying the SIM killing vanduul (?) pirates and having great difficulty NOT smashing into a roid when I get too focused on my targets… work in progress…

IF… i can figure this game out there will be others who follow… Can they also join ADI? I do not know yet how this game works… the PVP aspect of it etc… Will we be driven away from our goals repeatedly like in EVE?

Tell me what you think of this game, AND of ADI… Once I join I do dedicate to the corp/guild…
I am not interested in leading raids etc… I have had WAY too many years of struggle at the top… I want someone to say… " KP… KILL!" and point a finger at the target…
If my interest continues to rise I will get Mumble and give it a try… I am used to TS, Skype and C3… have never tried mumble.
Thanks for your input guys and gals.

Hello, KnitePrince! I am glad you came to check us out.

When it comes to general membership we do not enforce any sort of time requirements. So if you have to leave for an extended period(s) during the year, I would only recommend letting someone in staff know about your leave so we don’t worry about you. :wink:

If you have any further questions mumble would be the place to get them answered.

I hope to see you on soon.


Heya KnitePrince…glad to see you here.

As Ockhams said, our time requirements are nil. Real life always comes first so when you can be on, awesome. When you can’t be, well…we’ll see you when you can be again!

By all means feel free to hop on mumble and we can answer any questions you may have.

Looking forward to getting a chance to meet you

Welcome KnitePrince,

On behalf of many of the ADI members, welcome! It sounds like you have a plethora of space sim knowledge which is a lot to offer per your statement, but we also have a lot of leadership in order to point the finger and say “KP… KILL” like you’re looking for :smiley: It seems like you have a good idea where and how you want to spend your SC time, with a few time lapses here and there for personal business. On another note, if you decide to become part of the ADI family, hop in Mumble from time to time, in order to better familiarize yourself with a few of our many members as well learning how it works in relation to TS/Discord. Hit me up if you would like to get some flying time in as well. Welcome once again, and thanks for your interest in ADI! Let us know if you have any further questions and we hope to see you soon.


KP - welcome to the ADI community.

As the others have already stated - real life always comes first - this is a priority within the org and isn’t just a recommendation but a requirement - and one of the reasons I joined ADI.

Furthermore - impressive gaming history - Eve has always been that one game I was always intrigued by but will never play because of the immense time requirement associated with it.

Now - regarding your recent collisions with asteroids in vanduul swarm: my first suggestion would be try to activate the COMSTAB component of your ships flight controls (if I remember correctly, the default binding for COMSTAB on/off is [L_Alt+V] - this will cycle through your IFCS safeties - though I may be wrong there as I have those controls bound to MFDs and such)
With COMSTAB on you should notice that your ship ‘drifts’ significantly less than with it on - your velocity vector will be maintained much more rigidly to the current orientation of your nose.

Regarding your friends joining - there should be no issue there assuming they meet the requirements.
Regarding not wanting to be in a leadership position - also should be no issue there - there is a place for everyone within ADI.

Any other questions you have could probably be addressed more directly and accurately on Mumble if you have time to hop on the server. I am far more used to TS myself, but I can attest that mumble is not all that different once you get it set up (minus the chat, TS3 has mumble beat with the chat functionality).

I hope to see you around on mumble and look forward to getting the chance to game with you. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us directly should you have more questions or concerns.

My collisions are usually due to the way I fly… SLIDING sideways as I get near an enemy and keeping the nose on him… I can take them down pretty quick, but it leaves me blind to what I might SLIDE into… It works well to avoid missiles… while still killing enemy ships. I just need to be a little less focused on the target and pay more attention to which direction my ships is going… Sliding also seems to avoid the “brake Check” problem with enemy ships… Have had that happen a few times while chasing them through asteroids…
I also miss the “dodge roll” ability when on foot… is there a command to dodge? Most games its a double tap in the direction you wish to go.
I wish i had a few million dollars to spare so I could hurry this thing along!

KP - the “sliding” you are referring to is the same as the “drifting” I am referring to.
If you turn comstab on, it will stop a lot of your sliding.

Alternatively, if you prefer the sliding, keep an eye on your velocity pip that shows on your hud, it will show the true direction of velocity of your ship - it looks like this:

Also- there is no (current) dodge button - need to do it all manually for now (on foot and in flight)

Hope this helps!

I should be on tomorrow (monday) evening (PST / GMT -8) if you want to link up and do some flying - for tonight however, Im off to sleep.

Best of luck!