Inventory Lost in space

I bought a heavy armor suit at crusader and then I took it off in my ship on some planet. Now I can not find it anywhere though I assumed it would be on my ship. My understanding is that inventory is fractured over the various locations now but how do I find out where that suit was? I think I was on a quest line for red starline couriers or something at the time.

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The NikNax tab in your MobiGlas should have a full inventory of all your items and their respective locations.

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Cool, thanks.

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Well I finally found my heavy gear and put it on. Before hand though I tried landing at Lorville because I had a ton of stuff there. Just not what I wanted it turned out. But the game crashed as I was landing in the docking bay. I woke up in my underwear and fortunately I had a bunch of miscellaneous outfits to choose from though not the ADI approved ones. And a weird stuffed animal apparently.

So now I was missing my proper undersuit and helmet. I saw a waypoint for my corpse at one point but by the time I got into the air I could not find it. If you die, do you reset to your underwear? It’s going to be a pain in the ass running missions if we have to track down uniforms every time we die.

Yes, it pretty much puts you in a hospital gown every time you die, and gives you a complimentary undersuit and helmet just in case.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much how the inventory system is currently set up; I bought 20 copies of any uniforms that I think I might use and moved them all to a single location for easy access/replacement.

Another trick that you could consider using (if you really want to) is a character reset; that moves everything you own back to your selected home location, sans any ammunition or consumables.

Well that’s annoying. What happens to your stuff if your arrested?

It should be returned to you when you’re released, but it will be permanently confiscated if you escape.