Intruduction: Hollow

Hello there, im Nick alias Hollow, im looking for a mature group of people to play SC with. I’m quite new, i have the game only since 2 weeks but im in love with it. I’ll prefere joining the mining branch.

Hello @imHollow, have you finished your onboard? The game is fun and will only get better, get into mumble and see what’s going on.

yes i’m done, but i don’ have perm on mumble, and i’m waiting for someone who can help

Welcome to ADI @imHollow

Jump on Mumble and a staff member will get you all sorted out when possible.

Hello @imHollow and welcome to ADI! We have a very mature group of players here and I think you’ll fit right in. Looking forward to running some ops with ya.

Welcome to ADI. We definitely have a mature group of players and the management is on the ball. You can find plenty of help on mumble usually and there are often other games being played as well if you want to do something on the side.

You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Welcome to Mining & Salvage oh, and ADI too. I’m glad you joined the hip crowd (we have the best parties). I look forward to entertaining you.

Welcome to the org,
we post organised ops within mumble so be sure to get stuck in.
hope you enjoy youre time with us.
Mining is pretty fleshed out at the moment, only the trading side is particularly lacking.
see you around

Hi there @imHollow, welcome to the org,

Mining is awesome, it is so nice to see so many people interested in aspects of the game rather than fighting.

See you in the verse.


Im 60 Is that mature enough? :slight_smile:

Welcome! I enjoy the mining greatly (when the game is running smoothly). Ever since mining was introduced, it seems like each patch is slightly different. In one patch the rocks would almost always fall through the surface before you could extract, so that was very frustrating. This 3.8.1 live patch has been very iffy for me so far. Rocks will explode without notice, which I’m sure is a desync issue…
Anyway, here’s a tool to keep a running $tally of what you’ve mined. I’m working on an app, but it’s going to take a while.

Welcome to the ORG @imHollow. Welcome to the game as well. I think you will find that this ORG is nothing if not mature. I too am part of the mining division and would look forward to collaborating

Hello @imHollow,

Welcome to the Org and see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, SC is pretty amazing and you are really smart for joining ADI to be honesty I did the same thing 3 years ago. You can learn so much so fast in our group of players. Did you get the mole?

Welcome to ADI, Hollow, good to have you with us. I hope to be digging with you soon, so see you in the verse!

New arrivals and old hands alike are learning new things with each patch they release Hollow so don’t worry there. Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries where backups only a ring away and ask whatever comes to mind as you settle into the Universe and the org.

I still don’t have a mining ship, I’m working hard to buy one as soon as possible

Welcome to ADI. It’s cool to meet you. I’m sure we will have some good times. See you on Mumble

Hi Hollow and weclome to ADI

If you just want to try out a Prospector, don’t be afraid to ask the players in Mumble if any of them have one you can borrow. Or you can ask about teaming up with a MOLE. Any time I’m on you’re welcome to use either. M

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