Hey there everyone, My name is Dyst0pian, pleasure to to meet you all.

I’m very new here, just downloaded the game and I’m interested in getting into this game and community. Its really expansive and not the least bit intimidating, I really can’t wait. Sorry for the short intro, but that should be enough for now.

Welcome to ADI Dyst0pian!

Welcome to ADI onboarding you now


Welcome Aboard Dyst0pian!

I am Lexton one of your resident Prospects here in Atlas Defense Industries. If you do have any questions for me… please reach out to me via the PM System here on the forums as that’s the best way to reach out to me. I am conformable to answer any questions you might have about the Organization, Divisions, Star Citizen and any Technical Questions you might have.

Again Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Dyst0pian!

Hi Dyst0pian, (not related to dystopian Snowman r u?)

Welcome to the org! What division have you joined and in what role?

C u in the verse!


Just getting into the Game? You picked the best Org right off the bat - congratulations!

What is going to be your main interest? FPS, Fighter jock, Capitol Ship play, cargo, Fueling, exploration?

Captain Kern:

Welcome to ADI Dyst0pain, I know for me joining ADI was one of the best things I did when first getting into Star Citizen you are correct the amount of info that is out about Star Citizen is very hard to organize and priorities and the members here helped me with that sorting the old info with the new and, and helping me get ready for the future of Star Citizen, if you have any questions send me a message. You can also get involved with the Discord channels and mumble find out a lot of info that way as well. I will see you around

Welcome to ADI Dyst0pain, and welcome to star citizen, so when you get into the game 2.6 or 3.0 make sure to be on mumble and we can get you all set up, help you with the learning curve.

Hi Dyst0pian,
It’s a pleasure to meet you as well. Welcome to ADI. I hope you’re enjoying SC. 3.0 has pushed out a lot of excellent content to explore that many of us have waited a long time to see. I look forward to seeing you around. All the best