Introductions- wiidad

Hello everyone, thank you for the invite. I have just started playing yesterday. Thank you for the invitation.

I am an avid gamer, though likely passed my prime in FPS having started with Tribes 1, Call of Duty 1, Day of Defeat 1, and the now aging MMORPG’s such as Ultima Online, Everquest, LOTRO, and Guild Wars 2.

I am interested in a quality team based gaming experience where I can sink my abundance of free time and this title even in pre-alpha looks like something special and worthy of that. This is my first flight sim ever, so I will be learning to fly from scratch here in this shiny new Aegis Avenger Titan.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hey there, welcome! I played a bit of LOTRO, I loved it, but it just never caught on for my friend group. Look forward to seeing you in the verse.

I have a multinational friend group and we typically have issues all connecting to the same game unless it has much reach. LOTRO was a title that divided us less than most. Good times. btw, Am I supposed to be waiting for a discord channel invite from somewhere? I have tried all the links on the forum and they are all dead. Thanks

Hey Wiidad. Glad to have you with us. Are you still having a problem with the Discord server or has that sorted itself out? It usually takes a bit for permissions to work their way through the system after you’ve completed the onboarding process.

I don’t think there is a problem. I just haven’t found the method to get on the discord and am still just playing solo as I learn to fly my ship and navigate. solo 20 hours in the quiet of space no one to explain why my ship exploded when I attemtped to drop an empty bottle on the floor inside. :slight_smile:
gonna grab an ssd later today and double my ram. tomorrow should be much smoother sailing.

Welcome aboard wiidad!

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Just upgraded to 64gb Ram and am currently installing SC on 2gb ssd. I am hopeful this will make the game run far better than it has been thus far. I see you are a team leader. I hope to see you in game soon. I would like to tag along on whatever we do as a team so I can learn the basics.

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Roger that! Once you’re permissions in Discord get sorted out you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get together in The Verse! I would also suggest you check out This is where you’ll find scheduled training events. Let us know if you’re still having Discord issues and we will certainly get you the assistance you need!

I cannot enter this link due to permissions. Maybe I am too new for this as well? The ssd drive and memory I installed in the early hours of tihs morning have completely changed my experience with this game. I am certainly ready to join team play. Can I pass you my discord info safely here for an invite?

Welcome to ADI Wiidad!

Welcome Wiidad.
I have a Rapid unscheduled disassembly almost daily…
Practice makes perfect, as “they” say!