Introductions- Valbatrax

Hello ADI,

I’m Valbatrax (Or Joe, im not picky) , I stumbled upon you guys while falling down a rabbit hole of Star Citizen videos. One of Space Tomato’s guide videos actually brought me here and it seemed like the right place to go. Im still extremely new and fumbling about the game, but i’m hoping to get better with you guys.

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Welcome to ADI, @Valbatrax! Congratulations on picking ADI to be your home in Star Citizen; let us know if you have any questions about the game, or if you just want to try a new ship out sometime. See you around!

Welcome @Valbatrax !

Great org to learn the game in. If you have any questions just ask. Hope to see you on Mumble and travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to team ADI!

You have definitely found the right place, and I am glad his videos brought you to us.
Plenty of people here to teach you about the game, so no worries on being new.

Hi Valbatrax, I’ve been playing for almost a year now and I’m still fumbling around :woozy_face::smirk: Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI Joe! We’ve all been down that rabbit hole… I hope to see you on missions soon.

Welcome to ADI! You will find there are a lot of really knowledgeable folks here to help you out. One of the best ways is to join in on our many ops we run regularly. Fantastic way to meet our many members, and to pick up those tips and tricks to get the most out of your game play :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Hey @Valbatrax,

Welcome to ADI! Many of folks here with experience to lean on, if you have questions feel free to ask. Look forward to seeing you in verse!

Welcome to ADI Valbatrax. I’m glad you joined the team. ADI is the org for new and veteran players alike.

Welcome to ADI @Valbatrax!

As a fairly new guy to SC I’d recommend the following:

  1. Jump in with both feet and get your basic certs done. There are a bunch of golden nuggets in there.
  2. Hope on over to the calendar and find some training sessions to sign up for. Great way to learn and more importantly build some teamwork.

Look forward to cruising the Verse with you!

Hi Joe, Welcome to ADI. Let us know if you have any questions about the game or ADI. Looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome @Valbatrax! You absolutely came to the right place, ADI is dedicated to helping everybody get better. Keep your eyes open on the calendar for training opportunities, usually on the weekends. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, Joe. I’m glad you decided to join us. We have plenty of experienced players that can answer questions, and party up with. I look forward to meeting you on Mumble soon. Take care.

Hi @Valbatrax,

As a new player to Star Citizen, you have definitely come to the right place.
We have some basic self-certifications that covers the basic of crew, flight, mining, and trading. We also have a lot of experienced players that play regularly. Just join us on mumble in the public gaming channels and of course join us on our official operations and you will get up to speed on game mechanics etc. in no time at all.

Welcome to ADI Joe! This is a great place to find the kinda folks to train with.

Welcome! It was good talking with you last night, and I look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome to ADI Valbatrax, nice having you along last night while we mined a little bit.
Take care and enjoy Star Citizen. :+1: