Introductions: SarinVX

Hello all,

My name is SarinVX and this is obviously my introduction.

I am 33, and I live in Charlotte, NC. I am a trained chemist and I work in the pharmaceutical industry.

I like to play videogames in my spare time, and I have plenty of FPS experience, mostly playing Apex and Overwatch (how about that new battlepass?). I am team orientated, and since I’ve been playing OW since release, I know how to work well to achieve a common goal (push the damned payload).

I bought into SC back in DEC 2021, and have since spent a lot of time and money on the game. I currently own 24 ships (most of which are fighters) and I have a nice little HOSAS setup.

But I realized that there is only so much you can do on your own, hence why I’m here.

I look forward to exploring the verse with you all.



Welcome to ADI SarinVX, Hope you enjoy your time here, Look forward to catching you in the verse.

Welcome, SarinVX! We are glad to have you and look forward to playing alongside you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Hey SarinVX,

Welcome to the org. Make sure to keep an I on Discord and on our Calendar. Slow season is over and you will find more ops and people playing so jump on Mumble when you are looking for someone to play with.

See you in the verse.

Welcome Sarin!

Welcome to ADI SarinVX,

I am one of the Team Leaders in the Marines. If you need any help or have any question please reach out to myself or any of the other Team Leaders. Looking forward to meeting you in mumble.

Hello and welcome to ADI. There’s a lot going on here for which those fighters and your HOTAS could be of good use. Once you get settled, have a look around the forums for more information and/or don’t be afraid to ask. There’s a load of regular events to get involved with so watch the calendar and Discord event page too.