Introductions: Icegreenhemp

Greetings from Northern Ontario.

Andrew is my name, i’ve been with star citizen since 2015, but I come from the days of original wing commander. I’m 41, been gaming forever. Played many mmos over the years and have experince with guilds, raiding, running guilds, organizing etc… I’m an avid gamer on console as well ps4. I do sink alot of time into mmos once I get into it them.
Cheers Andrew.

Here’s a vid of me doing a couple iaido katas in my persimmon kendo gi i got from santa. Been using swordsmanship to help combat depression :slight_smile: works pretty good.

went through and picked up all the right little uniform/armor bits for all the roles, i do enjoy a closet full of clothes in games heh.


Howdy from southeast Texas, my man! I’m sure you’ll bring a lot of good wisdom and experience to the org. I look forward to flying with you. You got a favorite ship?

Super excited to fly with you! Excited to do some ops and bust some griefers. What ships do you preder to fly?

Hey there Ice I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Org i think you will love it here. Tons of experience and active players day in and day out! What would you say your favorite MMO of all time is? Should you ever need anything please dont hesitate to ask , see you in there!

Hey there! Welcome to ADI. Lots of experienced players here. I look forward to running with you in the 'Verse!

Thank you for the welcome, so far the favorite is my vanguard warden.

Also thank you for the welcome, Good old vanguard warden :slight_smile:

Well world of warcraft i’ve been with since the start, fallen back a bit now mainly due to life and work interfering as usual with happy game time heh. But i’ve played online since 300 baud modems and bbs’s, even ran a pirate board, the wraith bbs, had a fancy animated ascii ship and lasers heh. other one was Ultima Online until ea introduced housing decay and litereally screwed me out of almost 9 years of rewards, decorations, stocks etc…that game was the 12-16 hour solid sessions or logging in at the instant of a server restart to find rare fruit basket decorations in huts or dungons for other items. So i gave away everything in game, called the ea ultima support , kindly told them what to do with their housing decay. I try to avoid buying any EA product if i can avoid it, but when they have monopolies on licensing rights it screws other companies. But i digress, heh. Thanks for welcome, cya in space :slight_smile:

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Cheers to you, thanks for welcome.

Hi @Icegreenhemp, welcome to ADI!
I understand that Vanguard is a bit beastly in today’s meta. Have you looked at how best to kit it out? I’m interested in stealth but I’ve been lacking time to play over the last week. There’s loads I want to learn. Everytime I log in now, I’m practicing low level flying. I’m trying to work out what’s best for looking/ direction of flight. Hopefully I’ll soon last longer than 30 seconds before exploding against the floor :crossed_fingers:

Hey there, thank you for the welcome. I’ve just started to do contracts and grind cash. My mining seems to be cursed and i find the worst rocks or spend an hour and find nothing usable. Yeah i’ve heard of these people, racing along 5 ft above the planet surface. I think i’m gona go down and give my m50 a try. All my ships are stock for combat side. i’ve got the m50, vanguard warden, hammerhead, mole, prospector, aegis sabre, retaliator bomber, endeavor master set x2 modules, contelation andromeda. I’ve got a ballista and a misc starfarer on buyback i’ll re buy in the new year. I’ve only really started playing since sept last year as I had to literally buy a new box n guts to play this game the old pc rig was retired. x55 saitek throttle n stick here for control, slowly making a cockpit flight setup in home is the long term goal heh.

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If you take the M50 down to a surface and I’m online then give me a shout and I’ll jump into a room with you and take the Razor

Welcome to ADI, Ice, if you have any questions or need any help please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always glad to help. Looking forward to flying with you in The Verse! Nice swordsmanship, by the way, very disciplined and steady moves!

Welcome to ADI Icegreenhemp. I’m glad you joined the team. Dig in, have fun; see you in ADI’s mass org ops.

Welcome to ADI! That is a pretty awesome hobby you have going there. Glad it helps you out. Haven’t seen it mentioned yet, so I will point it out. The basic carts are a great place to get some tips, lots of stuff in there. I have gone back and looked at them for refreshers since there is so much to keep track of, and I’ve been playing for a good 4 years plus now. :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Welcome to the Team, Icegreenhemp! I too was a long time WoW player since the beginning, and enjoy teaching Historical European Martial Arts, primarily German Longsword and Sword and Buckler. Not bad form in your vid, btw :-). Feel free to look me up in game; be happy to run with you in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI, Andrew. Im not sure if that’s a covid mask or a ninja mask, but it seems to work in the video. Looking forward to meeting you on mumble and seeing you in the verse.

Just A covid mask my mom made with filter inside, was our last class prior to total lockdown here. Nice to meet you and see you online.

Always nice to meet other WoW folks, yeah we don’t have much up here for european stuff, a local kid here just started a school about 2 years ago i think, our population base in town here is finicky for doing sports, you’d think sword stuff would be more popular. I’ve only got 6 years of total sword time under my belt for everything i’ve been doing, still very much a green horn or noobie for knowing much as you well know, sword play oddly enough is super complicated heh. Cheers and cya online.

Thanks for Welcome, yes I have been reading the forums and the “help” areas on here, lots of good information, sadly midnights this week after just joining a few days ago, once i’m back on normal time i’ll be able to try and implement some of it. Cheers.

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